Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17


Today is St. Patrick's Day.  Leprechauns came to my house and messed up my room, left chocolate coins, took cushions off the couch, made my milk green, peed green in the toilets, made our puppy's water green and were naughty.


I'm so lucky!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, #62

We had bread for dinner last night.  I took a picture of the foil.  It is pretty.

I got a pineapple today at Sam's and cut it up when we got home.  Alex decided to use the top as a hat...is she a'la Fruit of the Loom or the Chiquita lady?

March 2, #61

I checked out a book at the library in my school.  It is called Hannah's collections.  I like it because it has a silly part, she gets everything she has together and calls it her sculpture collection.

Over the weekend we cleaned out and reorganized the playroom.  We got rid of lots of old toys and changed around the furniture for better TV viewing.  This is the new and improved condensed toy section.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 9 (#'s 54-60; Feb 23-Mar 1)

I love m&m's so I love my m&m machine.  I made it myself with a little help from my Mommy.

I love popcorn, it's yummy to eat.  It's a good texture too for my picture.

Today there is nothing to do because my mommy and my brother are sick and my Dad is at work.  I'm so bored.

Today we're learning about Jackie robinson in school.  We made a little guy of him and we wrote about him in side his arms.  He was the first African-American to play baseball on a major-league team.

This is my piggy bank.  I am looking forward to buying Bella Sara cards, nut I only have one cent!

We are watching Men In Black.  Zach is laying on a blow up mattress and watching a movie.  We call this a slumber party in our family, I loved the movie.

This is a very special piece of paper.  I made it myself with a recycling machine that I got for my birthday.  It is so much fun.  Next time i think I'll make it with color.

One of my Daisies in the troop made Valerie and I these little candy creations!  Aren't they adorable?  There were quarters attached and straw and lollipops.  So creative!

This is where I spent most of the week, on this little corner of the couch, watching TV.  Soooooo sick!  Whatever this virus is threw me for a loop!

And then Zachy got it too!  Poor little guy!

Yep, still watching Oprah, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Elle, Lifetime Movies...ugh!!!

So, I thought she'd put on her Converse....but she chose the brown shoes.  Uh-oh, the stripes show!  She liked it, thought it was funny (soooo her personality) so off to school she went!

Alex helped me make breakfast this morning, she cracked the eggs, stirred the milk in and dipped the bread for the griddle.  She did a fantastic job.  Thanks Alex!

This is what i came down to this morning stuck on the fridge.  Alex had been up before us and made this rocket...i guess it's launching from the fridge?  She is so creative!

# 52 and 53, Feb 21-22

So, I have been sick all week and am just now able to face how far behind I am on EVERYTHING! Here's the last 2 days of week 8 and the next post will be week 9...

We are wrapping a present for my friend Miranda.  It is her birthday.  i buried myself in all of the tissue paper.  I love tissue paper.

We went to Miranda's birthday party and I caught this adorable moment after she opened Sarah and Amy's present.

This is my new watch.  I got it from McDonalds.  It's a fun watch but it isn't set yet.

Sunday was grocery day...we went to the commissary and did a big grocery run.  I haven't been in a while, but my current opinion is that the prices are lower than the regular store enough to make the trip down there worth it.  I, of course, took my "green" grocery bags and coupon books...I saved over $20 in coupons this time, woo-hoo!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

February 18-20

My Daddy is very talented.  He can do a handstand!  I like my silly Daddy.

My Dad won't share cookies at all!  He is so evil.  My brother wanted one of his special cookies, and Dad didn't give him one.  Finally we started a war and the kids won.  It was me and my brother on one team and my Dad on the other team.  And my Dad is saying, "Ha, Ha, Ha, I have the cookies!"

My brother got out some blocks/magnety things that we can build with.  He said he wanted a rocket but I made a leaning tower of playgrounds with him and he helped too a little bit.  They are so much fun to play with, I love them a lot.  Our Nana gave them to us when she was here for Thanksgiving.

Zach had just had his chair licked by Rupert, which is unfortunately SOP at our house.  I wish the camera could capture his tone because he said so cutely, "Uhh...Rupert just licked my whole chair!"

Zach got some stickers from his teacher in a thank you note and he immediately came home and made them a letter (sticker picture) and then put it in an envelope and then decorated the envelope with more stickers and finally two vanilla Tootsie Rolls taped to the envelope.  It was so cute, he put a lot of care into this letter and Miss Lori and Miss Page really appreciated it I am sure, they are great!

We often give our "good" used toys to friends for their younger children to enjoy further.  Zach has done this many times with old stuffed animals and baby learning toys.  After cleaning his room, Zach came out and said he was done, when I went to check there were these two trucks in the hallway.  I said he had done a great job, but that these two trucks left needed to be put back too.  To which he replied, "I am saving those to sell to baby Nate."  I guess he either thought I had sold all his things to my friends, or didn't know how to say he wanted to give them to Nate.  I checked and double checked that's what he meant and we are in fact passing these along to Nate.  Zach, I am proud of you, very generous!

Ughhhh....I got the dates wrong!

So, the last two days, I posted Feb 16 and 17 but called them Feb 15 and 16...ughhhh!!!  So, don't get confused when I post Feb 18th next, I didn't skip Feb 17, I just labeled it wrong.  Ok--Here comes Feb 18-20...