Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 12-18 Catch-Up

So, we haven't posted in a week, goes by sooooo fast!  But, we are catching up now.  If you are reading this before Alex's comments are entered...she is sleeping and we will come back to enter her commentary tomorrow.

This is me sleeping and I sleep silly.

This is a typical evening in our house after bedtime for the kids...Todd sets up shop at the kitchen table and studies and prepares for his patients the next day.

I am a Daisy girl scout.  This is my first time selling Daisy cookies to someone else than my family.  My family bought a lot of cookies!

This is my Daisy Girl Scout on her way to sell her first Girl Scout cookies!  How'd she get so big anyway?

I am doing reading activities at school to get a prize.  I will get a free pizza and another prize I don't know.

Zach and his bud Charlie enjoy Wednesday play dates together.  So nice for Zach to have his own little friend and have a boy to play with.  And they are darn cute to boot!

This is my first day of enrichment clubs at school and I got in the computers class.  This is my home computer.

Our fish tank is soooo clean right now...why, you ask?  There aren't any fish in it!  We need a trip to the pet store!

These are the goody bags for my birthday party and my birthday party is bowling.  And my birthday is February 2...yay!!!!!!!!!!

Alex is having a bowling party for her 7th b-day.  Nana and I made her this adorable party favor box cake.  What a fun way to display them!

This is my new DS and I love playing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got a sewing machine for Christmas and it didn't work, so I got a DS instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex desperately needed school shoes.  Hers were, well, well loved shall we say.  These Converse sneakers are really cute and stylish and since they aren't white, they should last a little longer, I hope.

This is a new game for my DS. It is really fun to play, this one has Cooking Mama and Cooking Mama 2 on it.

Zach built a towering Geotrax today.  He thought of it on his own and counted all the supports to make sure there was one more in each stack.  He did a great job!  And then we tested all sorts of trains and cars and trucks to see which ones would make it down the track safely.  Most took a dive off the side somewhere, but some made it all the way down and we all cheered!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

There were a whole bunch of shoes on the floor, it was a gigantic mess.  And these are my Daddy's shoes.  And these are the exact same shoes I was wearing yesterday in the silly picture!!!!!

I was flitting around the house putting things away that i found out of place and Alex was helping me.  I entered her room to find our dog Rupert on her bed with stuffed animals she had brought upstairs on his head!  And he kept them there for about half an hour!  I thought for sure when I went to go get the camera, he'd pick up his head and I'd miss the shot, but nope, he was perfectly content being lazy and asleep and didn't bother to move...lucky for me, it became my day 11 picture.

january 11th

Mommy was trying on different outfits and I found some stuff in a pile.  And I found a pile of purses too.  So I dressed up really silly and we took a picture of Mommy and me dressed up silly!!!!!

This is EVERYTHING hubby and I have in our closet except purses and shoes.  We piled it all up and began the closet clean out process!  We spent the whole weekend sorting, tossing and trying on clothes and outfits to determine what stays and what goes after WAY too long without a weed out.  It will be so worth it when we're done, nice and neat closet and a shot at finding what to wear on the morning!

January 9th

Mommy came to help with our class and she brought my camera.  So, I took a picture of my teacher's desk.  I thought that a picture of school would be a good daily picture.

Today Zach and I made this little ABC badge album!  It is sooo cute and functional!  It is made from name badge holders and a digital hybrid kit by Melissa Wilson who I CT for.  You print the inserts and put them in the badge holders, put all the cards together with two index card rings and then we decorated ours with some ribbons.  The best thing is, he can write on them to trace and practice his letters and sight words and then wipe it off to use again and again!  We had fun having some quality mommy and son time today.

January 8th

I wore my headband to school and it came out of my hair a few times.  I love these kind of headbands.  i like taking them out and putting them back in.

Today was laundry party day at our house...that is when the clean, folded laundry baskets pile up along the upstairs hallway and there are no more empty baskets left to do more we have a big laundry putting away party.  Thought this should be documented somewhere in my year.

January 7th

I just got a binder today and I have a few papers already.  I keep my favorite things in my binder, like wish lists and friends lists.  I put a picture in the front of me that I drew on the front cover.

We had a "worst gift" white elephant exchange at Bunco...I brought a peacock clip Christmas tree ornament and came home with a family of Christmas shelf bunnies.  It was soooo funny to see everyone open up what someone else thought was bad...some were awful and some were things that really would be good for someone else.  I am saving mine to bring to next year's exchange!  LOL

January 6th

I got this new blanket in the mail form a relative and Mom made cookies today, I couldn't decide which to take a picture of, so this is Mom with both!

I made these delicious cookies today.  This a version of my ever changing own recipe for "healthier" chocolate chip cookies...I use Splend for the sugars and wheat flour and add in some oats.  Next time I'm trying low-fat margarine, I'll let you know how they turn out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th

Here's our pics-of-the-day:

This is a thermometer.  i have been learning a lot about thermometers in school.

These are my essential items for going to the gym.  And as part of my New Year's resolutions, I am going 3x a week, today was Day 1 of the year.  It's official, my "new habit" is already forming, they say it takes 14 times of doing something and then it's a habit, right?  I am 1/14th the way there!  I feel energized and healthier already, we'll see if my muscles agree in the morning, I did weight lifting!  LOL

See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan 3rd and 4th

Here are our pics from yesterday and today...

We were at a playdate at Miranda's and she is my friend.  I had her pose with her necklace on.

We have a little tradition with our close friends called Dinner Club.  Every week or so we all get together at one of our houses for dinner.  We trade off hosting.  Last night we had an impromptu Dinner Club invite from Tina and her family.  As I was preparing the plates for the kids, I realized I am always making 5 of everything, it was symbolic to me of Dinner Club.  And they also looked bright and cheery and colorful.  So, I snapped a pic.

I was walking through the store.  We were getting Mommy's birthday cake and flowers.  We walked past the wine section and I found colorful, silly wine bottles.  They were pretty.  One of them had a picture of a farm.  A few of them had pictures of flowers.  And two of them had just mosaics.

Today is my 36th birthday.  My family has treated me well all day.  They went out and bought me my very favorite cake, German Sweet Chocolate!!  YUM!!!  And a beautiful basket of flowers.  They sang to me and we all enjoyed a slice, mine was my lunch!  LOL!!  It's my birthday, I'm allowed!  I had a hard time picking just one photo because there was a cute one of the kids kissing me on either cheek, sooo cute!  Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, January 2, 2009

We start our Project 365 blog today!

Greetings from Alex (DD) and Jen (Mom) in Virginia.  We are starting this blog to track our progress in 2009 of Project 365.  We are both going to take a picture a day and post them here with a little journaling about them.  Today is Jan 2 so for our first entry, we are posting our pics from yesterday and today.  So, we'll start with Jan 1 and then move on to today.  

Jan 1:

I love this picture because it was my favorite thing on New Year's.  And it's a great memory of New Year's.

I took this photo of us eating breakfast this morning after last nights festivities...we all had a slumber party after the New Year's Eve party, and when we got up this morning, we had a huge breakfast together and continued to enjoy the holiday together, cooked by my DH, thanks hunny! It was an awesome party, excellent company and an all around fabulous memory! 

Jan 2nd:

Popcorn and candy made a great snack at our movie together.

I took this photo to commemorate Alex joining me in Project 365.  What better way to show that than a picture of her with her new camera!

We'll be back later with our Jan 3rd entry.