Friday, February 20, 2009

February 18-20

My Daddy is very talented.  He can do a handstand!  I like my silly Daddy.

My Dad won't share cookies at all!  He is so evil.  My brother wanted one of his special cookies, and Dad didn't give him one.  Finally we started a war and the kids won.  It was me and my brother on one team and my Dad on the other team.  And my Dad is saying, "Ha, Ha, Ha, I have the cookies!"

My brother got out some blocks/magnety things that we can build with.  He said he wanted a rocket but I made a leaning tower of playgrounds with him and he helped too a little bit.  They are so much fun to play with, I love them a lot.  Our Nana gave them to us when she was here for Thanksgiving.

Zach had just had his chair licked by Rupert, which is unfortunately SOP at our house.  I wish the camera could capture his tone because he said so cutely, "Uhh...Rupert just licked my whole chair!"

Zach got some stickers from his teacher in a thank you note and he immediately came home and made them a letter (sticker picture) and then put it in an envelope and then decorated the envelope with more stickers and finally two vanilla Tootsie Rolls taped to the envelope.  It was so cute, he put a lot of care into this letter and Miss Lori and Miss Page really appreciated it I am sure, they are great!

We often give our "good" used toys to friends for their younger children to enjoy further.  Zach has done this many times with old stuffed animals and baby learning toys.  After cleaning his room, Zach came out and said he was done, when I went to check there were these two trucks in the hallway.  I said he had done a great job, but that these two trucks left needed to be put back too.  To which he replied, "I am saving those to sell to baby Nate."  I guess he either thought I had sold all his things to my friends, or didn't know how to say he wanted to give them to Nate.  I checked and double checked that's what he meant and we are in fact passing these along to Nate.  Zach, I am proud of you, very generous!

Ughhhh....I got the dates wrong!

So, the last two days, I posted Feb 16 and 17 but called them Feb 15 and 16...ughhhh!!!  So, don't get confused when I post Feb 18th next, I didn't skip Feb 17, I just labeled it wrong.  Ok--Here comes Feb 18-20...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#48 of 365 February 16

I get money from my chore chart when I do chores.  Today I already earned 65 cents.  I love money.  Mom will let me spend some on DS games and the rest we save for Disney World.

I re-did the kids' chore charts to incorporate earning money for each chore, AND losing money for bad behavior.  This is Alex on her way to replenish the TP in the bathrooms with her tower of toilet paper.

Monday, February 16, 2009

#47 of 365 February 15

This is a baby snowman that I made outside today.  It snowed early in the morning and I got to play.  I love my snowman because it's mini with a real carrot nose.

We did finally get some real snow today.  I went out and took pictures of Alex playing with snowballs and making snow angels, but the look of the snow on the grass really caught my eye.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 7, February 9-15


This is my Dad's signature.  My Dad thinks we're making fun of him by doing it in crayons.  But we were trying to make him feel good.  My Dad does not sign his name by putting crayons on a piece of paper.  My Dad signs his letters in half printing/half cursive.  I think it's a little funny to do it with crayons.

My Nana sent us Valentine box with four card games and lots of thingamajigs.  (she doesn't want to list them all)  We played all four games and one of them again that day.  I had so much fun my head almost fell off.

I made my brothers' pumpkin jar into a lady with tons of hair covering up her eyes. So I needed to giver her a haircut.   I cut every single piece of her hair off, now she's bald.

My Mom has something on her dining table that is a fake bowl with fake pears.  Everytime I look at them, I think the bowl must feel funny.

This is my dog with his belly out.  And I put my pinwheels in front of my dog.  I made the pinwheels that are now on my Mom's desk for decoration.

I have 12 million valentines.  I love them so much because everyone in my class wanted to give one to me.  

My brother ate some chocolate coins.  We're going to Disney World in June and we are saving for the trip with all our coins in a piggy bank.  And my brother came up and gave us the wrappers and said "Disney Money!"  And we all laughed.


Alex used her new cupcake kit to make these adorable treats for the Daisy Valentine party.

Nana sent a big Valentine box full of treats and surprises, Rupert decided he wanted a bite of a heart shaped Peep!

Today we started our new bookshelf for the family room...the kids "helped" measure.

Zachary wanted to sit up in the nook where the shelves are going, it looks so much bigger with him in there!

Zach enjoyed his Valentine party at school and the red frosting that happened to come on his cupcake.

Happy Valentine's Day!  I got the kids each a mini-swirl lollipop among other assorted goodies.  THen I let them eat them at 10 in the morning!  How fun!

The completed new bookshelf for our built in TV nook in the family room.  It was iffy at certain points of the project, but we are really happy with how it turned out in the end.

Week 6, February 2-8


These are my cupcakes!!!!  My birthday is on Ground Hog's day.  

My brother dropped a ball in my dog Rupert's water bowl.  My parents were about to clean it up when I said "It's gonna be my picture of the day!"

I love my Nana.  This is a present from my Nana.  She sent it in a birthday box.

This is my silly crazy looney funny nutty Mom.  I asked her to be my picture of the day and this is what she did.  She's so crazy.

What kind of birds stick together?   Scroll down for punchline....

I'll give you a hint...something with Crows.....

Vel-Crows!!!  hahahahahahahaha

I love my Mom!  We are sunggling.  She's my snugglebug.

This is my Dad in a clean playroom.  This is the 30,oooth time that we've cleaned it!


Happy Birthday Alex!

I made this cute little Valentine mailbox and candy wrapper in custom wrappers inside for a Valentine exchange I did.

I walked into the playroom to find this mountain of Monster Trucks that Zach built.

Alex painted penguins at school for a winter project and her hands were proof! 

Mom, can I spread my own peanut butter today?

Part of our troop in front of our France display for Thinking Day.

Today we all sat at the table and made the kids' Valentines together.  Zach made foam bears hugging lollipops and Alex made origami hearts with a pop stuck inside.

Week 5, January 26-February 1

This is my friend's brother, Nate.  He is 10 months old.

My parents put the cheese in a bin that says "Gluten."  They tricked me and they said that the cheese is gluten.  And now we call it gluten.

This is my brother Zach.  And when we were cleaning up Legos, I put my brother in first.  And now he's covered up with Legos.  And now he's called boy in a bin.

My brother came home one day and he had two pieces of plastic stuff he called ice skates (Mom said it's called wax paper).  I got two pieces of plasticky stuff and ice skated with them.  Weeeeee. Weeee. Weeeeee.

This is my imaginary friend Cody.  He is green and has one eye.  He looks like Mike from Monster's Inc.  I have had him since I was three.

These are the presents I got from my birthday party.  I had a bowling birthday party.

This is my football!!!!  I love my football.  It's a Chargers football, I got it from my Nana.  She's a gigantic fan of the Chargers.


A neighbor's Mom is from Punxsutawney and when she found out that DD's birthday is on Groundhog day, she brought her this t-shirt!  So thoughtful!

My Disney planning bin...full of my notes, tour guides and any info Disney sends me about our vacation.  I love days when I can sit and read and plan our days, planning is part of the fun and anticipation of the vacation!

I thought this creation looked like a Dr. Seuss vehicle, and I love Dr. Seuss, so it was worthy of my pic of the day.

Daddy will often make up stuff and see if the kids will believe him, by now they know him very well and they hardly ever believe him.  This time it was that we can eat egg shells, he served them to the kids at dinner one night just to get the reaction!  Told them they had to at least "take one bite to try it!"  Poor kids!  They didn't, of course!

Sometimes when Alex gets off the bus we already have a playdate going on..the kids all were excited when Alex came home and they all greeted her with hugs!

What a great shot of Alex and all her guests at her 7th Birthday Bowling Party!

I made these cute little football brownies for a Superbowl Party we went to.