Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week 9 (#'s 54-60; Feb 23-Mar 1)

I love m&m's so I love my m&m machine.  I made it myself with a little help from my Mommy.

I love popcorn, it's yummy to eat.  It's a good texture too for my picture.

Today there is nothing to do because my mommy and my brother are sick and my Dad is at work.  I'm so bored.

Today we're learning about Jackie robinson in school.  We made a little guy of him and we wrote about him in side his arms.  He was the first African-American to play baseball on a major-league team.

This is my piggy bank.  I am looking forward to buying Bella Sara cards, nut I only have one cent!

We are watching Men In Black.  Zach is laying on a blow up mattress and watching a movie.  We call this a slumber party in our family, I loved the movie.

This is a very special piece of paper.  I made it myself with a recycling machine that I got for my birthday.  It is so much fun.  Next time i think I'll make it with color.

One of my Daisies in the troop made Valerie and I these little candy creations!  Aren't they adorable?  There were quarters attached and straw and lollipops.  So creative!

This is where I spent most of the week, on this little corner of the couch, watching TV.  Soooooo sick!  Whatever this virus is threw me for a loop!

And then Zachy got it too!  Poor little guy!

Yep, still watching Oprah, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Elle, Lifetime Movies...ugh!!!

So, I thought she'd put on her Converse....but she chose the brown shoes.  Uh-oh, the stripes show!  She liked it, thought it was funny (soooo her personality) so off to school she went!

Alex helped me make breakfast this morning, she cracked the eggs, stirred the milk in and dipped the bread for the griddle.  She did a fantastic job.  Thanks Alex!

This is what i came down to this morning stuck on the fridge.  Alex had been up before us and made this rocket...i guess it's launching from the fridge?  She is so creative!

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Valerie Irwin said...

OK, Jen your pictures kind of depressed me (sorry I know it's been that kind of week) but Alex's cracked me up. BTW, so glad Alex wants to be in the Bella Sara club and I loved the picture of Sarah and Amy with Miranda at her birthday. Now where did I put my darn Nikon so I can start taking those $#@#$#% pictures?