Sunday, March 1, 2009

# 52 and 53, Feb 21-22

So, I have been sick all week and am just now able to face how far behind I am on EVERYTHING! Here's the last 2 days of week 8 and the next post will be week 9...

We are wrapping a present for my friend Miranda.  It is her birthday.  i buried myself in all of the tissue paper.  I love tissue paper.

We went to Miranda's birthday party and I caught this adorable moment after she opened Sarah and Amy's present.

This is my new watch.  I got it from McDonalds.  It's a fun watch but it isn't set yet.

Sunday was grocery day...we went to the commissary and did a big grocery run.  I haven't been in a while, but my current opinion is that the prices are lower than the regular store enough to make the trip down there worth it.  I, of course, took my "green" grocery bags and coupon books...I saved over $20 in coupons this time, woo-hoo!!

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chigirl said...

Alex, love the homemade paper, we need to do this next time I visit. and I love the socks.
Jen, hope your off the couch very soon.