Friday, February 20, 2009

February 18-20

My Daddy is very talented.  He can do a handstand!  I like my silly Daddy.

My Dad won't share cookies at all!  He is so evil.  My brother wanted one of his special cookies, and Dad didn't give him one.  Finally we started a war and the kids won.  It was me and my brother on one team and my Dad on the other team.  And my Dad is saying, "Ha, Ha, Ha, I have the cookies!"

My brother got out some blocks/magnety things that we can build with.  He said he wanted a rocket but I made a leaning tower of playgrounds with him and he helped too a little bit.  They are so much fun to play with, I love them a lot.  Our Nana gave them to us when she was here for Thanksgiving.

Zach had just had his chair licked by Rupert, which is unfortunately SOP at our house.  I wish the camera could capture his tone because he said so cutely, "Uhh...Rupert just licked my whole chair!"

Zach got some stickers from his teacher in a thank you note and he immediately came home and made them a letter (sticker picture) and then put it in an envelope and then decorated the envelope with more stickers and finally two vanilla Tootsie Rolls taped to the envelope.  It was so cute, he put a lot of care into this letter and Miss Lori and Miss Page really appreciated it I am sure, they are great!

We often give our "good" used toys to friends for their younger children to enjoy further.  Zach has done this many times with old stuffed animals and baby learning toys.  After cleaning his room, Zach came out and said he was done, when I went to check there were these two trucks in the hallway.  I said he had done a great job, but that these two trucks left needed to be put back too.  To which he replied, "I am saving those to sell to baby Nate."  I guess he either thought I had sold all his things to my friends, or didn't know how to say he wanted to give them to Nate.  I checked and double checked that's what he meant and we are in fact passing these along to Nate.  Zach, I am proud of you, very generous!


Valerie Irwin said...

I don't know which is more impressive. That Todd can do a handstand or that Alex called him evil. I like both!

Valerie Irwin said...

Isn't today the 23rd? What has happened over there at my doppelganger (975)? Are you trapped in the space-time continuum and require rescue?